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The Why and How of Dementia Caregiver Support Groups

The Alzheimer’s Association has released new statistics for 2019 reporting that over 16 million Americans provide unpaid care to people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. These caregivers provide 18.5 billion hours of...

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The Montessori Method and Dementia Care

Maria Montessori was one of Italy’s first female physicians. In 1907, she designed a new type of school program for challenging students who were thought of as unteachable. Most of these students came from poor backgrounds and lived in...

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Alternatives to Antipsychotic Medication

Recommendation of the American Geriatrics Society: People with dementia often exhibit aggression, resistance to care and other challenging or disruptive behaviors. In such instances, antipsychotic medicines are often prescribed, but they provide...

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Attitude Shift: A Fresh Look at Facing Alzheimer’s Disease

When we discuss Alzheimer’s disease, so much of the focus is on how much our loved one will lose or has already lost. We talk about all the things they will no longer be able to do or the things they already can’t do themselves. Dementia...

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It’s Complicated: Paying for Long-term Care Services

If you are 65 years old right now, you have a 70% chance of needing some type of long-term care services and support in your remaining years. Twenty percent of you who are in that 70% will need these services for longer than five years. Women, you are...

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Depression and Dementia

It would seem logical that a person diagnosed with an incurable illness would become depressed. Reports indicate that clinically significant depression may occur in as many as 50% of people diagnosed with dementia. Dr. James M. Ellison, MD, MPH, of...

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The Importance of Purposeful and Meaningful Activities for People with Dementia

How do you spend your time? Perhaps you enjoy shopping, going to the movies, or visiting friends and relatives. Maybe you have a hobby like woodworking, knitting, cooking, or art. You might choose to get physical, taking a walk or going for a swim. Or...

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Making The Moves In Three Steps

Deciding When It’s Time, Letting Go of Guilt, Downsizing Dementia-related diseases can be exhausting, not only for the person with the disease, but also for their loved ones. As they slowly lose their ability to live independently the decision...

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